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Not just another children’s platform

KideoGo is a streaming platform that provides home-schooling or classroom resources with one simple click.  Creating ease in engagement and exciting educational content to custom meet the homeschooler and educators’ learning needs is what KideoGo is all about.

What would it be like for children to stream entertaining, engaging videos while also learning a thing or two?  Imagine your kids having fun learning experiences that foster more focus, cooperation, and kindness.

KideoGo provides hope for the future by delivering what is most important to families and communities by teaching and modeling compassion, goodwill, cooperation, and connection.

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Our Story

KideoGo is a call to action as we move more steadily into the age of online education.  Our platform teaches children important life and coping strategies that will provide them a foundation that will lead them to a future built on passion, purpose, awareness, compassion, and tolerance.

KideoGo is  an online, multi-lingual platform that enlightens, empowers, and inspires. It is the first online network of its kind that offers interactive, educational, socially responsible programming for children for all ages, levels, abilities, and needs. Unlike other sites that offer shows for children, we offer a wide range of highly scrutinized, fun, exciting, educational values-based programming, interactive books, music, and educational materials for children as well as teachers and parents.

Our vision is to not only be a leader in the interactive, online television industry for children, but to launch and support the biggest Pay-it-Forward movement in history that is exclusively championed by children for children.


Free 24-Hour Online Counseling Services

Research shows that when children lack emotional intelligence, coping skills and a strong support system, then bullying, depression, self-harm, juvenile incarceration, suicide and school shootings will continue to rise amongst our youth and young adults.  Kids need support and we are here to help.  Our online chat room will be monitored 24/7 by certified counselors.

KideoGo is the first international platform of its kind to provide content that supports children with learning, developmental, and emotional disabilities. This feature is life-changing as no other platform caters to children with as many complex issues. We are working with the best specialist to create content to help children with everything from autism to dyslexia. Our platform will support children of all ages, levels, and learning abilities.


Groundbreaking, First Ever, Global Kid-Powered Pay-It-Forward Initiative

One of the many unique features of our platform are the interactive components.  KideoGo is not just a streaming platform for programs and educational materials for kids. It also provides active elements to ensure your child’s success. KideoGo kids earn incentives and rewards for interacting on the platform. They also earn badges and level awards for reading and completing tasks.

All this hard work leads to an invitation to participate in our leadership and scholarship programs. For parents and teachers, we offer seminars, progress reports, and lesson plans to make sure that you and your child are getting the most out of our platform.  20% of our proceeds will go to marginalized children around the world.  But our KideoGo kids will be the driving force behind making it a global phenomena.


Smart Innovative Content

KideoGo offers a wide variety of choices. Our content levels learning opportunities and the discrepancies in education. Our programs provide smart, engaged, and inspired learning moments to create socially responsible kids.

We do this with exciting shows like:

  • Orange Avenue
  • Tye Chee
  • My World
  • Fur Friends
  • Mer Kids
  • Our Planet
  • The Chuck 5 Crew
  • A Pets Life
  • 411 T Street
  • Little Yogis
  • Super Power Sitting
  • Cooking with Science
  • Mathstermind
  • Indigenous Kids
  • Globetrotting Paws
  • The Community Connection and more.
Smart Innovative Content = Inspired, Engaged Learning

Which Character Will You Choose?

Our characters are a big part of our platform offering children the option to choose one as a “buddy” throughout their KideoGo experience. They can earn clothing changes and other fun accessories as rewards for their progress on KideoGo.

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Our Commitment

KideoGo provides smart, engaged, and inspired learning moments to create socially responsible kids.  We take pride in everything we create and offer on our platform. All our content is highly scrutinized and steeped in messaging that creates future heroes, visionaries, and thought leaders of the world.

We invite you to follow us and be a part of our learning community of smart teachers and parents who know the value of emotional well being, accelerated learning, and personal empowerment.

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Technical Details


We use the latest cloud technologies to deliver the best experience for you no matter where you are located.

Multi-lingual platform

Our platform is designed to deliver the content in your native language.  This creates a unique and personalized experience while maintaining the integrity of our content.

Web and mobile applications

Our platform is designed to work seamlessly across the web iOS and android devices to deliver the best user experience.

Content Delivery Network

Since our platform is global, we use the latest Content Delivery Network (CDN) technologies.  These are geographically distributed servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content no matter where you are located.

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